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30 year celebration



Since 1985, we have been offering unique recreational sports leagues, tournaments and social opportunities for men and women of all ages and skill levels in a safe, friendly and fun environment. In fact, we're now one of the longest-running continuous providers in the United States!!!

So let us take you back to those carefree days, competing with friends on schoolyards and playgrounds or through college intramurals. Our leagues and tournaments make it easy to participate in the sports you love and those you've played years ago or always wanted to try. Creating a sense of community for diverse groups of busy professionals, scattered throughout the DC-Metro area, teams, groups and individual players are always welcome to join. You can meet new people, stay in shape, relieve stress and have fun...all at the same time!

Providing game equipment, team jerseys/t-shirts, trained referees, flexible scheduling, player/team statistics, awards and social events, we do the work so you can have the fun!!!

Just pick your sport...and get in the game!

This Week in NAA:


DC Basketball 8:00-10:00
VA Indoor Soccer 8:00-10:00
VA Floor Hockey 8:00-9:30
DC Softball 6:00-8:30

VA Floor Hockey 8:15-9:45
VA Indoor Soccer 8:00-10:00

VA Softball  2:00-4:00
VA Fllag Football 4:00-5:30

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